I initially worked with Brant back in 2007. I was hoping to buy a house instead of finding another rental, but had very limited time and a small budget. Despite these barriers, he was always helpful, positive, and worked with me up to the last minute. At each house we looked at, he would talk to us and help narrow down what we were looking for. Because of the limited time I had, I ended up renting but knew that when I was ready to look again I wanted to work with Brant. Late in 2014, my fiancĂ© and I decided it was time for us to buy a home and I e-mailed Brant. He got back to me right away and remembered us from 2007. We had some specific requests for our home and he set up ou MLS portal to accommodate everything we were looking for. We set up a day to look at several homes; Brant was very knowledgable about the area and the houses we looked at, and helped us talk through what we liked and didn’t like. We actually fell in love with the first place we had looked at, and went back for another walk through before deciding to make an offer. Brant did a wonderful job as we came up with our offer, and we definitely relied on his expertise. He guided us through the entire process and our offer was accepted at nearly $20,000 below asking price. Every interaction we had with Brant was positive, but it was at this point that he truly went above and beyond. 10 days before our closing date, my fiancĂ© died unexpectedly. I was an absolute wreck, but a couple days later realized I would also have to do something about the house we’d been planning to buy. I e-mailed Brant, because I couldn’t bring myself to call. His immediate response was to not worry about the house, take some time to take care of myself, and get back to him when I was ready. He talked to the seller’s real estate agent and worked with me as I tried to decide if I still wanted to buy. He could not have been kinder or more understanding. When I made my choice – to go ahead with the house – he worked with the bank and the other realtor/sellers to push back closing (to give me time to sort out finances) and to fix all the paperwork. Brant worked to make everything as easy as possible for me, and minimized what I needed to do. He walked me through every step and on March 13, he handed me the keys to my new home. At every point, Brant was responsive and willing to work with us to find the right home. He was amazing – kind and thoughtful and more worried about me than the sale – when my world fell apart. I will recommend him to everyone I know looking to buy or sell!

Chelsea O.